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Lunch and Snacks

Here’s everything you need to know about school lunches, packed lunches and snacks at Weston Shore Infant School.

School lunches

Dolce provide hot meals at Weston Shore each day. The children have a daily choice of four menu options.  This will include meat and vegetarian and a jacket potato with a choice of fillings option.

Please contact the school office if you would like a copy of the menu.

All children at Weston Shore Infant School are entitled to free school meals.

Packed lunch

If your child prefers a packed lunch please ensure your child has a named lunch box.

Please do include a drink for your child, but not fizzy drinks, cans or glass bottles. These are not allowed for safety reasons.

Please do not send nuts or nut products to school as some children have a very severe allergic reaction.


The school participates in the ‘Free Fruit for Schools’ scheme and a fruit or vegetable snack is provided at morning break time. Children are encouraged to try the fruit and vegetables available.

Pupils under the age of 5 receive milk.  If you would like your child to have milk after they turn 5 years of age it is available to purchase from Coolmilk.

For more information or a request copy of the form please contact the school office. Please complete online milk order form below.

Coolmilk registration form