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Music is highly valued at Weston Shore Infant School and Weston Park Primary School.

We believe music is something innate and magical for human beings. It enables groups of people to work and share together, through singing, performing or listening whilst also appreciating a wide variety of cultures and communities though their music.

How Music is taught at Weston Shore Infant School and Weston Park Primary School

All children are given the opportunity to experience a wide variety of high quality learning activities, which include:

  • Performing and composing
  • Listening and appraising

This is achieved by playing and singing, performing with others and arranging, listening to and appraising musical styles, further developing music as a means of self-expression and a source of pleasure.

Each class follows a bespoke curriculum, which provides all the requirements for Music in a primary school.

Children have the opportunity to perform throughout the year in front of their peers and parents in concerts and performances.

In addition, we provide a growing number of enrichment activities for any interested pupils.

SMSC and philosophy in Music

SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. This is at the heart of our curriculum and we want our children to make safe choices and develop a deep spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding. We actively look for links to this.

We also teach P4C, Philosophy for Children, and we want our children to have the chance to discuss and debate in an open-minded manner.

Read more about our curriculum.

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement for Music